Organization and Fundings

The functional and financing independence of the coordinating entity is ensured by the Decree Law 109/2008, article 5 paragraph 4 and article 11 paragraph 1:

“4 – The functional independence referred to in (2) shall be ensured by designating a manager who, with the necessary powers for this purpose, shall perform duties in a completely independent manner, directly accountable to the ANAC, on his/her own behalf and on behalf of the coordinating entity.”

“1 – The provision of the slot allocation service shall be subject to a slot allocation fee(*), payable to the coordinating entity by the air operators who use coordinated airports and by the airport management entities of these airports.”

(*) Slot Allocation Fee

- According to the National Decree-law 96/2018, article 11A paragraph 1:
“1- The slot allocation fee shall be due for each slot used and shall be charged monthly to air operators and airport management entities.”

- According to National Decree-Law 96/2018, article 11B paragraph 1:
“1- The amount of the fee pursuant to the above article shall be established by decision of the ANAC, by proposal of the coordinating entity, duly accompanied by the result of the consultation with air operators and airport management entities and the mandatory opinion of the National Coordination Committee”

-According to the National Decree-law 96/2018, article 11 paragraph 2:
“2-This fee shall be revised annually by the coordinating entity on 01 April, preceded by the procedures laid out in the following articles.”

- The calculation of the slot fee is based on slots allocated per IATA season, as per the following formula:  (TCn/Fhn) * 50 %
Where TCn is the estimated costs for year n (the next 2 full IATA Seasons)  and Fhn is the forecast number of chargeable slots for the next two full IATA seasons

- The slot fee in place as of 1st of April 2021 is 2.64€ per slot and will be applied to all operations at Portuguese Coordinated airports (Lisbon, Porto, Funchal, Faro - IATA Summer Season);

-  The coordination committee members, air operators and airport management were consulted between 22nd of January 2021 and 22nd of February 2021.