Organization and Fundings

The functional and financing independence of the coordinating entity is ensured by the Decree Law 109/2008, article 5 nº4 and article 11 nº1:

“4 – The functional independence referred to in (2) shall be ensured by designating a manager who, with the necessary powers for this purpose, shall perform duties in a completely independent manner, directly accountable to the ANAC, on his/her own behalf and on behalf of the coordinating entity.”

“1 – The provision of the slot allocation service shall be subject to a slot allocation fee(*), payable to the coordinating entity by the air operators who use coordinated airports and by the airport management entities of these airports.”

(*) Slot Allocation Fee

• The slot fee in place since 1st of January 2021 is 2.60€ per slot and will be applied to all operations at Portuguese Coordinated airports;
• The coordination committee members, air operators and airport management were consulted between 16th of October 2020 and 16th of November 2020;
• The slot fee is revised on an annual basis, on the 1st of April, after having heard the air operators and the airport management.