This project provided the Santa Maria Ocean Control Centre with a modern air traffic control system.  It combines air traffic management, communications and surveillance components.

The Ocean Control, provided by this system, is working since 2001 in all the Atlantic FIR under Portuguese responsibility.


- Improvement of air traffic services in the Azores terminal area;
- Substitution of the air traffic control systems in the ocean flight information region.
- Providing better service to aircraft operators while maintaining high safety levels;
- Increased controller productivity and other technical staff;
- Continuing to satisfy the operators’ preferential route requests (Random Flights).
- Providing the necessary capacity for forecast traffic increase in the Ocean FIR under 


1 –
Flight data processing;
2 –
Processing of meteorological data;
3 -
Verification/monitoring conformity;
4 -
Clearance processing;
5 -
Graphic Traffic Display;
6 -
Electronic flight strips;
7 -
Conflict Detection;
8 -
Interface and integration of ground/air communications;
9 -
Management and viewing of internal information;
10 - 
Addressing and distribution/affixing of messages;
11 -
OLDI - On-line Data Interchange with adjoining control centres.

All active flight data are automatically processed (through A/G or G/G), and the system has the following capacities: 

- 150 active flight plans
- 350 non-active flight plans
- 2000 associated files
- 500 repeating flight plans
- 30 active air space reservations
- 70 non-active air space reservations
- 1000 Pages for internal viewing (response time 0,05-2,5s).