- Perform an efficient management of human resources, on a short, medium and long term in order to ensure the availability of the necessary means, either quantitative either qualitative (capacities and competencies), for the performance of the activities of NAV Portugal.
- Monitor the Corporate Environment and identify motivational factors and propose measures for the professional development and performance improvement of all the staff.

Main functions of the sub-areas:

Work Relations and Personal Development (RETDP)
- Study and propose solutions in the domain of the labour universe resizing, professional classification of the competencies development, professional carriers, performance assessment, remuneration schemes and human resources refreshment.
- Coordinate the collective bargaining and ensure the optimum relations with the organizations representing workers.
- Manage the Pensions Fund
- Undertake the process of recruitment and selection and promote processes of integration and welcoming of new staff.
- Create, under the labour framework, projects of labour regulations and carry on the interpretation of legal and conventional regulations.
- Promote the undertaking of studies to allow the assessment of the corporate environment and manage the satisfaction degree of the staff.
- Participate in the performance of internal communication actions in order to promote a better corporate environment.
- Ensure the adequate health surveillance of the staff by informing all the company about occupational health medical exams and the respective schedule.
- Ensure the process of the election of the staff representatives for the Safety, Health and Hygiene at Work Commission in accordance with the legal requisites in force.

Legal-Labour Advisory (APJUR)
- Create and exercise the work contracts, service commission agreements, traineeship protocols, and generally every kind of agreements under the labour framework and work relations, upgrading continuously the respective database.


- Manage the pre-litigation process within the labour scope, as well as ensure the monitoring of legal proceedings with the support of an external advisory
- Analyse and assess the labour law impact and the new legislation of internal regulations and procedures of the company. Develop the necessary actions to meet the respective adequacy, update, dissemination and application measures to the entire Company.
- Monitor the legal procedures underlining the processes of labour relations.
- Ensure the representation in international working groups under the coordination of the Department.

Administrative Management of Staff (GAPES)
- Process the remuneration, in a centralised method, for the Continental and Autonomous Region of Madeira areas.
- Process the assiduity and additional work (overtime) of the Headquarters’ Departments and manage and maintain the assiduity scheme of the Headquarters and DOPATL (Atlantic Region Operations Department).
- Organize and manage the individual processes of staff.
- Initiate the retirement and pension proceedings, apply the retirement and pension supplements, control the number of pensioners and apply the procedures emerging from the pension plans management of the Company.
- Supervise the adequate management of the administrative staff for the Atlantic Region Operations Department.
- Manage and maintain the information system of staff (active and retired).
- Manage the social benefits of workers and respective household
- Organize and maintain the medical register (fitness certificate) and other information elements of the workers.
- Gather and organize statistic elements related with health and safety at work, namely working accidents and professional illnesses records, reports on working accidents, list of sick leaves registration.
- Create and consolidate the information on human resources management and ensure the elaboration of indicators
- Manage the organization module of the human resources information system.