Ensure the fulfilment of the obligations emerging from regulatory requisites by proposing and maintaining an updated Business Plan of NAV Portugal in close coordination with the structure of the Company.
Define the management control model that contributes for the strategic business planning of NAV Portugal by fostering the Controlling and Reporting process in the Company and controlling the execution of the medium and long term operational and investments plan.
Create an action plan that systematically and continuously, assesses the effectiveness of management critical processes, identifying risks and recommending mitigation measures, contributing, therefore, for the performance and governance improvement of the Company.
Within the scope of the Quality Management Integrated System, execute the Annual Audit Programmes, surveying and monitoring the implementation of the corrective measures of stemming from previous audits.

Corporate Management Information (INFGEST)

- Establish future guiding lines/action plans to support the defined strategies and that allow the fulfilment of fixed objectives in close coordination with the several areas of the Company.
- Create, in accordance with the directives of the Management Board and in close coordination with the structure of the Company, the proposal for the Business Plan to be submitted for the approval of the Management Board.
- Implement the management indicators system, organizing the gathering, analysis, process, distribution procedures and control of the management indicators.
- Contribute, with data on the management indicators, for the elaboration of the Annual Documents on Management Forecasting Instruments, and Annual Report of the Company.
- Monitor the development of the various plans, identifying risks and building improvement recommendations stemming from the deviation analysis, periodical reports and, if deemed necessary, cost-benefit analysis.
- Coordinate the preparation of procedures for the management under SA of the Investments Programme, namely through the harmonization, budget upload and consolidation and, respective monitoring of the successful physical and monetary projects execution.
- Ensure the upload of Management Information and Documents in the Corporate State Sector website and in the Financial and Economic Information Collection System (SIRIEF) in compliance with the terms set out by the respective Ministries.

Audit (AUDIT)

- Create the draft Audit Annual Program and respective monitoring in compliance with the Integrated Quality Management System.
- Perform internal audits in the following areas: operational, administrative, financial, human resources, information systems, Prevention Plan for Management Risks of Corruption and Related Administrative Infractions.
- Monitor and support audits performed by external entities (INAC, APCER, etc.)
- Analyse within the audited areas the respective results, conclusions and recommendations, defining plans and adoption timelines for the recommendations and monitor the respective implementation.
Implement an assessment system for the quality of performed tasks using performance indicators.