Took place on 24 November the wrap-up meeting of INAC's (National Civil Aviation Institute) audit, which ran from 27 October till 24 November 2014. This audit, carried out under the supervision of certification of air navigation service provision, according to Regulation (EU) N. 10352011, practically completed the assessment process from INAC concerning the renewal of NAV Portugal, certification and issuance of new certificate for the period 2014-2017.
Thus, the assumption of such a decision, concluded a cycle started in 2013 to renovate several certifications. Last year there was the certification renewal of the environmental management system (ISO 14001 according to normative) and, at the end of that year, the renewal by INAC the Training Center certification, such a ATCo training organization. In 2014 was the renewal of the quality management system (ISO 9001 according to normative) and, now,  the renewal by INAC of the provision of Air Navigation Services.
This set of positive records is a good evidence of the consolidation of the integrated management system implemented in the company, and is also a reflection of the continued effort of all to collaborate in order to maintain or improve their management practices.
The meeting was also presented as a result of this audit a "summary of findings to its communication to the Organization". Thus, and in accordance with the recent CIA No. 1814, 141114, which updates the rules of certification of Integrated Services Providers of air traffic, it should be clear that "this is a preliminary report and the final communication will be made later after prior approval by INAC ( point)".