In November 2014, from 10 to 28, took place in the NAV Portugal Training Centre, two training actions aimed for 11 air navigation professionals, 9 from East-China (Shanghai) CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) and 2 from CAM (Macau International Airport co. Ltd).

The of ATCoSM (Air Traffic Control Operational Supervisor Management) course that lasted two weeks was taught by Instructor ATCo Rui Gomes and by the Operational Training Advisor ATCo Vasco Silva, and another, the SMS (Safety Management Systems) course was given by the Deputy Operational Safety chef João Esteves and lasted a week. The movement of these technicians from China until this Iberian Portuguese corner, due to the great commitment of openness to new realities that the Chinese aviation authorities have been making for several years, the development of infrastructure, equipment and human resources training, colluded goodwill by our colleagues from Macau, which in the existing protocol between CAM and NAV Portugal since December 2010, have made every efforts to introduce our excellent professionals in this field.

This was proven by the various reports made subsequently by the trainees, not only from this course, but also of others previously performed on this training Centre, referring to the importance of these professional courses, with principles sometimes different from the practices used in their workplaces, and the dedication and pedagogical quality of knowledge presented by our trainers.

The Training Centre is pleased with this success and thanks all the elements involved in this mission for his total availability for NAV Portugal commitments with our customers.