Africa and South America meet in Lisbon

Under the auspices of the ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization and sponsored by NAV Portugal, Lisbon hosts between 6 and June 10, 2016, about 60 representatives of Air Navigation Services Providers and Aviation Authorities of countries of the South Atlantic, among them Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Angola, South Africa, Cape Verde, Argentina, French Guiana, as well as representatives from Spain, France and the United States for the 21st meeting of the Group SAT – South Atlantic.

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This is the annual meeting point where the "two sides of the Atlantic" discuss and approve the main implementation plans related to Air Navigation, Communications and Interoperability of the systems, in order to promote a safer and more efficient airspace to airspace users in this part of the world.

Following the ICAO’s motto "no country left behind", the watchword will be cooperation between the different entities in order to achieve the main goals of this group – a safer and more efficient airspace for everyone.

With higher growth in Europe and North America, and in the same order of magnitude as the Asia/Pacific, South America and Africa are areas of particular interest in relation to the traffic growth predicted by IATA.

This was highlighted in the opening statement by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of NAV Portugal - Eng. Luis Coimbra - which stressed the fact that Portugal, for its strategic position have under its control a vast area in the Atlantic, "is the only European country able to make the bridge with four different ICAO regions - Europe, North Atlantic, Africa and South America - putting us in a very important position as the principal interlocutor in this region".

For his part, Mr. François Salambanga, ICAO representative in Dakar, emphasized the aspect of cooperation and the goals achieved by this group, including the "fact that it is today possible to cross the entire Atlantic (North and South) connected via CPDLC - Controller Pilot Data Link Communications – which proves that this group presents results".