The Aeronautical Information Services are a part of the national provider that manages, share and perform the integration of aeronautical data and aeronautical information in a context of interdependency with all originating entities and with other international providers.

The aeronautical information describes the actual air navigation infrastructure in the respective geospatial context within a specific temporality.

The Aeronautical Information Services are integrated within a context of interoperability with the EAD (European AIS Database), a European project developed under the auspices of Eurocontrol, aiming for the increase of safety and air traffic capacity levels in Europe. EAD is composed by an European data base for the aeronautical information services and AIS with the objective to harmonize data and accuracy improvement, accessibility and availability of aeronautical data.

The European AIS Database (EAD) provides dynamic and static aeronautical data, with proven quality, to the European Air Traffic Service providers and aircraft operators, under a context of centralised management with the participating states acting with the managements and update function of the information in a national data base (SDO-Static Data Operation) in conjunction with the EAD.

Functional dimensions of the Aeronautical Information Services and available products:

WFM (Work Flow Management)

The WFM is a WEB based application for the provision of aeronautical data and aeronautical information by the originators through a direct electronic link enabling the interaction with the data base (SDO).

SDO (Static Data Operation) data base operation

The data base (SDO) has been set up using the AIXM (Aeronautical Information Exchange Model) model, containing entities such as aerodromes/heliports, radio aids, georeferenced points, routes, procedures, airspace, organisations/authorities information, services, obstacles, respective characteristics and relations and interdependencies system.

The SDO data base houses the EAD data base, under a context of interoperability ensuring a worldwide coverage with several facilities for the introduction and verification of aeronautical information and tools of graphical reporting.

eAIP (Aeronautical Information Publication)

The Portuguese AIP is the reference national aeronautical publication. It has information pertaining the organisation, location and operation of aerodromes, radio aids and several facilities, as well as any pertinent information regarding flight safety in the respective airspace.

The AIP production system allows the management, production, management and availability of information of a static nature in a format that allows the exchange and electronic availability of information.

VFR Manual

The VFR Manual is produced and distributed according to the specific needs of air operations under visual flight rules.

Aeronautical charts

The production system of aeronautical charts allows the management, production and maintenance of aeronautical charts that will be integrated in the AIP and VFR Manual.

PAMS (Published AIS Management System)

The PAMS tool is an electronic repository of AIP, associated publication and aeronautical charts of a considerable number of countries, allowing the stocking of national publications, visualization and printing of all the published documents.

NOTAM operation

Under the frame of the International NOTAM Office of Portugal, the Aeronautical Information Services are responsible for the management, production and maintenance of information of a dynamic nature (NOTAM), under fully interoperability with the European data base (EAD).

Pre-flight briefing Information Service

The INO DU subsystem, within EAD environment, with a worldwide coverage, allows the management, production and dissemination of pre-flight information bulletins and the management of routes and profiles.

Flight plan processing and management

The management of flight plans and associated messages is performed in the EAD environment directly linked with the IFPS (Integrated Initial Flight Plan Processing System) and CFMU(Central Flow Management Unit.)

FPL and Briefing

The FPL and Briefing WEB application has been developed to allow the provision of pre-flight information bulletins and the submission of flight plans via WEB in an automated system, anywhere, anytime, 365 days per year.

The FPL and Briefing of the AIS Services of NAV Portugal provides a tool to the users in order to prepare the flight plan, with the possibility to extract pre-flight information bulletins in accordance with individual needs and with permanent feedback on the status of the flight plan and air traffic regulations (SLOT). It also allows the access to an AIP electronic repository of a rather extensive number of countries.