Aeronautical Infrastructure

In addition to its main building in Lisbon Airport where its central services are located, NAV Portugal also has:

2 Air Traffic Control Centres located in Lisbon and Santa Maria airports

1 Aeronautical Communications Centre located in Lisbon Aeroport

1 Oceanic Communications Station, located in Santa Maria

Control Towers located in Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Santa Maria, Ponta Delgada, Horta and Flores airports. NAV Portugal also provide ATS services in Cascais, Funchal, Porto Santo airports however these last three are correspondingly property of Cascais municipality and ANAM

7 Radar stations located in Porto, Montejunto, Lisbon, Fóia, Faro, Porto Santo and Santa Maria Island

30 Radio-aids located in various points of mainland Portugal and in the autonomous regions of Madeira and the Azores

7 communication stations in the 3 territorial spaces of Portugal

3 communications repeater stations located on mainland Portugal