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300th birthday. Christian Lattmann, CEO of the brand Although Jacques-Dro’s factory does not produce its own movements today, when giving a welcome speech, the brand’s CEO Christian Lattmann said that Jacques-Dro is a 100% Swiss Made brand, and all suppliers of watches are within 10 kilometers of La Chaux-de-Fonds. Because the output is not large, the Yakedro factory is small and exquisite. There is a showroom here, which displays the brand's series of products. At the entrance, the brand's signature sign-a robot puppet greets us. The brand has specially arranged an antique clock repairer to introduce and perform the brand's famous antique mechanical bird pendant clock and table clock. These are masterpieces with a history of more than 250 years, but they are still well preserved. Watching these birds flapping their wings and singing happily, everyone took out their mobile phones and cameras to capture videos. The birdcage timepiece from 250 years ago is still working well Visiting the Jacques de Rouge workshop, the highlight is in the art workshop, where there are 7 employees engaged in carving, micro-painting, collage, enamel Wait for all kinds of traditional crafts. Brand PR said that most of them are locals who graduated from the local art academy. Some of them look very young, but they are in their early 20s, but they are all very artistically gifted and ingenious. It is precisely because of their creation that Jacques de Chronograph is not only a tool for reading time, but also a real rise to the realm of art. A corner of the art workshop20

'The rain is blowing down the wind in the south of the bamboo fence in my hometown. I’ll gently bid farewell to the prosperity and unload the luggage. The old wall clock on the wall of our home is a certain time and space in the past. I said that you understand...' ', I looked down at my wrist at 1:30, and I got home in an hour.

In 2002, Zhao Guowang participated in the design of the ST17 thin mechanical watch. The product passed the municipal appraisal and reached the domestic leading level, and was awarded the outstanding achievements in technological innovation by employees issued by the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions. In 2003, the ST17FR flyback calendar designed by him was simple in structure and reliable in operation. The missing tooth gear and the sector gear were used to achieve the effect of calendar pointer flyback. The structure developed two series of products and was successfully grafted to ST8005. Tourbillon movement. In 2004, Zhao Guowang presided over the design of the ST2800 alarm mechanical watch, and the product reached the domestic leading level. In 2005, Zhao Guowang presided over the completion of the design of the ST9000 second question mechanical watch. The product reached the international advanced level and filled the gap in the domestic market. The product applied for a utility model patent for the 'timekeeping function start mechanism of the timekeeping watch'. In 2006, he presided over the design of the ST9100 minute repeater mechanical watch. The product reached the international advanced level and filled the gap in the domestic market. The product applied for the invention patent of 'a mechanical timekeeping watch's timekeeping start mechanism'. In 2010, Zhao Guowang participated in the Tianjin Science and Technology Commission project 'Key Technology Research and Industrialization of High-end Precision Mechanical Watches', and won the second prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award. In 2011, Zhao Guowang designed the ST8210 Tourbillon Mechanical Watch, which was Tianjin Yiqing System was rated as the first place in the 2010 key product upgrade and replacement excellent project.

Summary: Atmospheric and mysterious black dial watches, coupled with various unique designs and decorations, make them full of distinctive personalities. They have become one of the more desirable models for modern urban men. The three watches introduced by buywatches today are one of the more classic black-plate watches this year, and watch friends who like black plates may wish to consider.

This is 46 shots of his career It is he in MotoGP 20 125 CC classesThe Spaniard has 23 250ml and 3 won the last two yearsHe MotoGP competition in Jerez and also won two 250ml competitions in Jerez In 2006 and 2007The former MotoGP world champion was unveiled at his Grand Prix in the 125ml race, motorcycle pole ten years 2002The Yamaha driver qualification, in 2008 and 2009, 250 CC poles in 2006 and 2007 JerezNo The driver won the opening two-wheel motorcycle at the world championship in Jerez in the modern four-stroke era. Lorenzo won the first round in Qatar

This work that emphasizes extremely delicate technology has many limitations. It requires the cooperation between the master watchmaker and the master jeweler from the first draft to inject the scary charm of the watch. Because the ultra-thin movement is extremely easy to be affected by external factors, when designing the case, in addition to paying attention to its own thickness and lines, it must also ensure that the design does not affect the movement of the movement. The case is made of thin materials, and there is very little space for diamonds, and the position of diamonds is not to be damaged. In addition, the structure and complex functions of the movement will also impose various restrictions on gem setting work. Therefore, the Piaget Emperador pillow ultra-thin minute repeater fine jewelry watch can be described as a comprehensive display of the ultimate watchmaking and jewelry craftsmanship. In view of the extremely complicated production process, the Piaget Pirate Fine Watch Manufacturing Factory issued only five limited editions in 2013 . The case of this extraordinary watch is already a technical challenge. It uses the most advanced jewelry technology. It takes more than 100 hours to set the diamond on the surface alone. The bezel is set with 60 rectangular cut diamonds, the side of the case and the dial mechanism of the minute repeater are paved with 260 round diamonds, and the crown is also set with 12 rectangular cut diamonds, which must be carefully calculated as inlaid diamonds when setting The additional material weight is needed to balance the watch design and mechanical sound quality. At the two watch factories of replica jacob and co watches Piaget-the earl watchmaking workshop of La C?te-aux-Fées and the earl watchmaking factory of Plan-les-Ouates-watchmaking technology and jewelry craftsmanship are perfect

Not long ago, Lange announced upscalerolex replica store two new watches this year: an ODYSSEUS watch and a ZEITWERKMINUTEREPEATER time machine minute repeater watch. Once the two watches were launched, they caused a warm response from watch friends. For two new watches, everyone is still relatively 'accidental':

The relationship between Breitling and aviation has made the brand's watch series always highlight the dominance and uninhibition from aviation. For the tough guy who loves to fly, this Breitling NAVITIMER01 aviation chronograph watch is the leader in flight watches. , The characteristics are very distinctive, and naturally attracted much attention. This sophisticated chronograph watch is delicate and practical, capable of performing all kinds of calculations necessary for flight. The 43mm stainless steel case is atmospheric and stylish. The two-way ratcheting rotating bezel ensures easy and smooth operation of the famous circular flying ruler. The large black dial echoes the three small dials, just like the instrument dial of an aircraft. The 12-hour clock is located at three and six o'clock, and the small second hand is located at nine o'clock. The small red second hand accurate to one-quarter seconds and the upgraded version of the 18K gold Breitling double-wing logo are striking and clear, balancing the color sense of the watch, not monotonous and unassuming, energetic and elegant.

The watch is connected with an elegant blue pure crocodile leather strap, which is comfortable and clean. With the titanium alloy folding clasp covered with DLC coating, it can guarantee the safety of the watch between the wrists and not easy to fall.

The new boutique is located in The Parisian Macao and covers 1,800 square feet (about 167 square meters). The Parisian Macao is one of the largest indoor malls in Macau, with more than 850 stores, providing customers with a variety of shopping experiences. The brand-new shop-in-shop is located at City of Dreams T Galleria. The refurbished area has tripled from the previous one, providing unique luxury shopping possibilities in the center of Macau.

(Monday, December 2, 2013, Hall of Honor of the Grand Palais in Paris) 'Cartier: An Epic of Style' is an unprecedented retrospective exhibition jointly organized by the Grand Palace in Paris and rolex submariner clone the National Museum of France, as the most visited global tour of the Cartier Collection An important stop, this return to Paris art history exhibition is a tribute to Cartier style, but also a cultural recognition that Cartier occupies an important position in the field of decorative arts.

A few days ago, I shared with you about 'Tuofei Watch Lecture-Jaeger-LeCoultre's Unique Stunt Ball Tourbillon (Part 1)', today I continue to share with you about Jaeger-LeCoultre's unique Stunt Ball Ball Tourbillon Some technical characteristics of the flywheel, our buywatches will also bring you more technical analysis articles in the future, I hope you pay more attention to buywatches.

Now, Longines has decided to reissue this Expeditions Polaires Fran aises ndash; Missions Paul-Emile Victor ldquo; French bipolar expedition ndash; Paul middot; Emile Victor delegation rdquo; Scientist’s watch, praising the most commemorative exploration of our planet The far corner mdash; mdash; great adventures in the north and south. Longines Expeditions Polaires Fran aises ndash; Missions Paul-Emile Victorldquo; French bipolar expedition ndash; Paul middot; Emile Victor delegation rdquo; The watch accurately resurrected the geologist, surveyor, meteorologist, physics who participated The device used by scientists, biologists, geographers, glaciologists, and filmmakers, like its original version, has a self-winding mechanical movement, a date display window at 3 o'clock, and a silver dial. With the luminous hour scale and

In the spring, wake up in the warm pastoral scenery, the light butterfly, covered with precious metal polished color or jewelry inlaid plumage, fluttering between the pink and green mother-of-pearl collage flowers fluttering; in summer, diamonds are concentric The sun shining under the blazing sun implied watches knockoff by the dial, the golden bees, under the clear sky lined with blue mother-of-pearl in the sky, the movement hovered in the poppy-studded cornfield; in autumn, a colorful rhythm quietly In the end, autumn leaves made of white rolex clone watch gold, rose gold and gold, polished or inlaid with gems, jumped on the dance floor set by the dial of violet mother-of-pearl. In winter, the last year for the sky is replica rolex sky dweller full of colors. The rhythm feet, the colorful snowflakes exquisitely polished or inlaid with gemstones, show a dream ballet, and the carefully arranged steps are elegantly scattered on the blue mother-of-pearl dial shining in the cold light of the snow. Those snowflakes, which were carefully plated with fluorescent colors, magnified the magical charm of the night, and the brilliance of the diamonds also rendered a charming refreshment for the winter.

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VIPs who will be present at the exhibition will also admire a dial with an organically carved red and gold repeater pocket watch produced in 1812, and a repeater pocket watch with a time-hopping device and a small seconds hand produced in 1827. Pocket watches all show the long heritage of the brand. Each showcase allows VIPs to enjoy a close look at the mysterious and rare superb complex watchmaking craftsmanship pursued by famous collectors.

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